Everybody's Jonesin' for Something

            Backwater Poetry 2020 Prize 

               Honorable Mention

               March 2021 Publication Date

 Everybody’s Jonesin’ for Something will be published in March 2021. The collection is a headfirst plunge into national—and personal—laments and desires. From Emmett Till to the fall of the Towers to the Paradise fires, Moor weaves a thread through the hopes, cravings, passions, sacrifices, and Sisyphean yearnings that make this country the beautiful trap that it is.

Small Title

In the Room of Thirsts & Hungers

ISBN 978-1-59948-639-0

"In these ‘Broken Sonnets,’ Indigo Moor holds a reflecting glass between Othello the Moor and Paul Robeson, the actor, scholar, and equal rights activist who portrayed Othello in the America of racial oppression and Communist witch hunts. This immensely ambitious collection contains a history of race and the legacy of the slavery in Shakespeare’s time that culminated in the driving of the Moors out of Catholic Spain. On the other side of the mirror are the 1900s of Paul Robeson: lynch mobs, blackface minstrel shows, Jim Crow, and the persecution of Negros. This book is a populous mirror, reflecting a cast of characters from Iago to Joe McCarthy, Desdemona to Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Du Bois and others. In the Room of Thirsts & Hungersreverses our understandings of these two complicated, proud men and makes them shine in the glaze of our refractions. This is one hell of a book. You can’t look away from it. It’s looking back at you." —TONY BARNSTONE, author of Pulp Sonnets

Through the Stonecutter's Window

ISBN 978-0-8101-2699-2

"The inaugural winner of the Cave Canem Northwestern University Press Poetry Prize, Indigo Moor’s Through the Stonecutter’s Window is a sustained and impressive dialogue with the visual arts, history, the natural world, and the poet’s dreams and nightmares. The verse dances polyrhythmically across and down each page. Always in motion, Moor’s lines are choreographed to make sense of all that is most elusive in meaning: music, violence, love, anger, and desire."


ISBN 1599480468

"If Jean Toomer had written his landmark Cane in 2007 instead of 1923, it might well have looked something like Indigo Moor´s vivid and soulful Tap-Root. This latest installation in Main Street Rag´s Editor´s Selected Poetry Series rings with echoes of the vibrant imagery, personalities and music that made Toomer´s work memorable..."

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